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ContinuumCloud’s annual conference for behavioral health and human services leaders

This one-of-a-kind industry event is designed to accelerate ideas, innovation, and impact through thought leadership sessions, round table discussions, and hands-on product workshops.

Sessions will address common challenges within the industry, explore best practices and new features for our HCM and EHR products, and share operational strategies for success that you can take back to your organization. 

This virtual event is free to attend for behavioral health and human services professionals. Plus, we’ll be donating $10 to Mental Health First Aid for every person who attends the live event, so make sure you register today!          

ACCELERATE 2022 has now passed. Stay tuned for sessions on demand and more information on next year’s event.

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Ken Pecoraro
Patrick Custer
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Conference Schedule

Product TrackMarch 22, 2022
Product TrackMarch 23, 2022
Thought LeadershipMarch 24, 2022

ContinuumCloud Keynote

Let’s ACCELERATE together! Meet the ContinuumCloud leadership team in this engaging and interactive introductory session highlighting the evolution of ContinuumCloud over the past year, and what's to come.

Using the Mobile e3 App Dashboard to Empower Your Workforce

The mobile e3 app is designed to accommodate your modern and mobile workforce. Join us as we explore how to use the mobile dashboard to empower your workforce and streamlines workflows from anywhere.

Smooth Operations: Your Guide to Easy Scheduling & Seamless Client Data Collection

Learn how to use Welligent EHR for your front desk, call center, and care coordination needs. We’ll review the key features that our EHR offers to enable smooth operations from scheduling and intake to data collection.

The Perfect Payroll (It Does Exist!): How to Process Quickly & Ensure Accuracy

Learn how to use e3 to achieve perfect payroll every pay period. With automation functionality that enables quick processing and ensures accuracy for difficult payroll calculations, e3 can save you time and help you complete your payroll with confidence.

Enhance Service Delivery with Telehealth and Patient Portal

Reach more clients where they’re at with HIPAA-compliant telehealth and patient portal capabilities. In this session, we’ll explore how our EHR can enable better care delivery in a remote or hybrid setting.

Supporting Your Workforce Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle

ContinuumCloud is proud to partner with Relias, a leading provider of learning management solutions for the healthcare industry. Take a sneak peek into the tech integrations we’re developing to provide everyone with a seamless experience that supports your staff throughout the employee lifecycle.

Charged Position: The New Standard for Workforce Visibility & Budgeting

Better budgeting starts with full visibility into your workforce. Explore how to use Charged Position to achieve the workforce visibility you need to streamline your budget.

Smart, Simple & Comprehensive: Become an Expert Revenue Cycle Manager

The revenue cycle makes the organization go round – or at least keeps it functioning properly. Learn how to become an expert revenue cycle manager to help promote financial sustainability at your organization.

Overcome the Workforce Shortage with Better Recruiting and Engagement Strategies

Recruiting and retaining top talent is essential. As many businesses struggle with workforce shortages, learn how DATIS e3 tools can help provide a positive applicant experience and improve engagement among employees.

Creating Custom Reports in Your EHR

From provider productivity to client outcomes, it’s essential to measure the value of the services your organization provides. In this session, we’ll show you how to use Welligent EHR to create custom reports and deliver essential insights.

Building Community & Your Bottom Line by Engaging Clients, Patients, Alumni & Families

Improving patient outcomes means building a community of support. In this session, featuring guest speaker Lynne Biehl of Montare Behavioral Health, we'll explore how to engage clients, patients, alumni, and families to build community and help your organization’s bottom line.

Closing & Giveaways

Financial Sustainability is Everyone's Job: Optimizing Outside the CFO's Office

Join us for a financial sustainability panel session, led by Maggie Labarta. Featured panelists include: Eleanor Castillo Sumi, Senior VP of Strategy, Innovation and Growth at Pacific Clinics, Jamie Stewart, CEO at Grafton Integrated Health Network, and Robert J. Basile, PsyD, Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Mental Health, Inc.

Create Configurable Check-Ins with FormBuilder to Increase Employee Engagement

Checking in regularly with employees is essential for measuring and maintaining employee engagement. Learn how to use FormBuilder within e3 to configure check-ins that meet your unique needs.

Drive Quality Performance & Financial Reimbursement Through Consistent Clinical Documentation

Consistent, efficient, and accurate clinical documentation is essential for everything from financial reimbursements to improved quality performance. Learn how to use Welligent EHR functionality to ensure your clinical documentation and service delivery is in working order.

Costing Strategies: Explore Your Labor Costing Options

With labor costs making up the vast majority of most organizations, having a smart costing strategy is essential. Explore the various ways to capture complex labor costs across dynamic employee populations using the flexible and configurable options available within e3.

Managing Client Care in the Field: Access Scheduling, Client Records & Treatment Plans Anywhere, Anytime

Explore how to use the Welligent mobile EHR and messaging capabilities to empower your providers in the field. We’ll explore how to access scheduling, client records, and treatment plans no matter when or where you need them.


Leaders should utilize their emotional intelligence skills to be successful in recruiting, engaging, and retaining their workforce. In this session, we'll explore the importance of emotional intelligence as well as how to use these skills to create a work environment that encourages employees to reach their goals.

Setting Up for Open Enrollment Success

From establishing benefits eligibility to providing plan options for different sub-groups of employees, explore the ins and outs of benefits administration to ensure your next open enrollment is a success.

Value-Based Care: Measuring and Reporting on Outcomes

Measuring client outcomes and progress toward treatment goals is essential for moving toward a value-based care model. Explore how to leverage your EHR to measure and report on outcomes at your organization.

HCM Reporting Best Practices: Standard Reports & Report Writer

Explore the workforce metrics you didn’t know you needed. In this session, we’ll review how to pull standard reports as well as custom reports using Report Writer in e3 to gain insights into your workforce.

Become an EHR Superuser: Learn the Latest System Tips & Tricks to Maximize Impact

The Welligent EHR platform is a robust system with the features and functionality you need to succeed. Explore the latest system tips and tricks to maximize impact – and become an EHR superuser for your organization!

Power Up Your Patient Engagement Strategy with the Welligent Portal & CaredFor App

Explore how the Welligent EHR patient portal and the CaredFor patient engagement app are your keys to success when it comes to improving patient engagement. Provide better care and achieve better outcomes with digital tools that will enable your success.

Closing & Giveaways

Creating a Culture of Transformation to Accelerate Organizational Excellence

Organizations must embrace a culture of nimbleness, evolution, and learning to respond to constant change. This session will focus on how organizations can evolve into a learning culture - one that supports continuous learning and improvement while balancing the need for high levels of performance.

Company Culture: The Cornerstone of Sustainable Success

It's time to think outside of the dollar to engage employees. Creating a supportive and inclusive company culture can improve patient outcomes and financial sustainability. Learn how in this session.

The Culture of Integrated Care 2.0

Vera and Ken are back this year to dive deeper into the operational dynamics, recruiting and retention strategies, and overall company culture of an integrated care organization. Explore a real-life example of what it's like inside a CCBHC and discover strategies that can help your organization as well.


Building an Alumni Program from the Bottom Up

Alumni programs are an important engagement strategy that can help both current and former patients. Learn how to build a brand-new alumni program from the ground up to provide a better experience for the people you serve.


Growth is a basic employee need that allows for better engagement and retention. Learn how to strengthen your organization by creating a culture of learning that allows your employees to do their best work and become their best selves.

Advancing Social Justice and Health Equity Within Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Organizations

This session will explore the health disparities that exist within the mental health and substance use systems, along with steps that organizations can take to eliminate health disparities and advance social justice and health equity among individuals with or at risk of mental health and substance use challenges.

Closing & Giveaways

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The ability to connect with peers, being able to network with others, ask questions of others, and learn what they're doing... the network is really the most valuable piece for me.

Chris Blake, CHRO at Crossroads of Western Iowa

It gave you support information on employee engagement... and what's happening in the industry. So you're coupling what's happening on an industry level and the product itself and how they tie together.

Marion McLaurin, Senior VP of HR at Center for Family Services

Being able to talk to people from all over the country who are obviously in that same work is always helpful to get multiple perspectives.

Luke Reiff, Director of People & Engagement at CenterPointe
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